Statement of collection of tax at source.

  • It is a quarterly statement that furnishes the details and information of the tax collected at source as per section 206C of the Income Tax Act of 1961.
  • The form 27EQ is submitted on a quarterly basis. In this form it is mandatory to furnish TAN.
  • It is the statement to show the Tax Collected at Source (TCS), which is the tax collected by the seller. When a buyer purchases certain goods or commodities, the seller collects the tax from the buyer through the TCS route. This tax is collected on the payment received from the buyer either in cash, credit, cheque, demand draft or from any other mode of payment.
  • It is to be furnished by corporate deductors and collectors but not by government deductors and collectors. It is compulsory to furnish PAN by the deductors who are non-government deductors. For government deductors, the code “PANNOTREQD” has to be mentioned on the form.