“RESOLVED THAT in super session to all other resolution passed earlier by the Designated Partner in its meeting in respect of the Current Bank Account bearing no. _____________ in the name of the LLP existing with (Name of the Bank with address) be and is hereby authorized to honour all cheques signed:A)     Mr…….(Designated Partner)Mr…….(DesignatedPartner)”

“RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the aforesaid bank be and is hereby instructed to honour all cheques, promissory notes and other order drawn by and  all bills accepted on behalf of the LLP whether such account be in credit or overdrawn  and to accept and credit to the account of the LLP all money deposited with or owing by the bank or any account or accounts at any time or times  kept or to be kept in the name of the LLP and the amount of all cheques, notes, bills other negotiable instruments order or receipts provided they are endorsed/ signed  as above on behalf of the LLP and such signature(s) shall be sufficient authority to bind the LLP in all transactions between the bank and the LLP including those specifically referred to herein.”