“RESOLVED THAT a current account be opened in the name of LLP with the Name of the Bank with address) and that the Bank be instructed to honour all cheques, bills of exchange, promissory notes or other orders which may be drawn by/accepted/made on behalf of the LLP and to act on any instructions so given relating to the account whether the same be overdrawn or not or relating to the transactions of the LLP and that Mr. ____________ and Mr. ____________, Designated partners of the LLP be and are hereby severally authorised to sign on behalf of the LLP cheques or any other instruments/documents drawn on or in relation to the said account and the signatures shall be sufficient authority and shall bind the LLP in all transactions between the Bank and the LLP”.

“RESOLVED FURTHER THAT a certified true copy of the above resolution under the signatures of any one Designated Partner be provided to the Bank mentioned ibid for their records and action thereon.”