Trademark Registration @ 6,500/-

What is Trademark?

Trademark registration allows a Trademark to use symbols or words used to represent a business or the products offered by a business. The Symbols or words used by a business distinguish the goods or services provided by them from their competitors. After registering a trademark, any other organization cannot use it as long as it remains in use.

The Trademark applicant can start using the ™ Symbol with the brand once it is registered. The Trademark acts as an asset for the Company; to protect the brand, an application for trademark registration is a must. The process for trademark registration in India has various steps and requires follow-up with the Government. Hence, it is necessary to be under the guidance of an expert for obtaining the trademark registration quickly.

Any person or legal entity can apply for Trademark Registration in India. Foreign nationals or Foreign entities can also apply for Trademark registration. Also, a Trademark application can be made by applicants they wish to use shortly.

What documents are required for registering a Trademark?

Registering a Trademark is simple, and the process can be completed online within 24 hours. IndiaFilings has helped over fifty thousand trademark applicants to get their Trademark registered.

Here is the set of documents that need to be signed and sent for the online Trademark registration :

Identity proof of the Trademark owner

  • PAN
  • Passport
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Incorporation certificate (In case of a Company or LLP)
  • Udyog Aadhar Registration
  • Logo if applicable and available
  • Address proof.

Trademark Registration Process

=> Step-1 : Trademark Search

=> Step-2 : Application Preparation

=> Step-3 : Application Filing

=> Step-4 : Government Processing

steps for trademark registration